Remembering Dr. Kenneth Selke

Dr. Kenneth Selke with his airplane

Area residents are mourning the passing of Dr. Kenneth Selke of St. Louis, a cardiologist who practiced in Greenville.

Sherry Schaefer of Greenville was a very good friend of Dr. Selke, who died in a swimming pool accident at his home on August 11.

Schaefer publishes the Oliver Heritage magazine. She said both of them came from farming backgrounds. Dr. Selke’s father was an Oliver dealer. He went to college in Florida and was a star basketball player. Dr. Sekle was a flight instructor and taught several doctors how to fly, which led to him entering the medical field.

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Dr. Selke practiced in Greenville and St. Louis and was a very respected cardiologist. Selke saw patients in Greenville for about 25 years. Schaeffer said he first came to Greenville because he thought small rural areas needed access to specialists.

She also said he would fly his plane from Creve Coeur to the Greenville airport and loved Governor Bond Lake.

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Dr. Selke worked with Schaefer’s father, Ollie, in the development of the American Farm Heritage Museum. She said he was a major benefactor in securing the property for the museum.

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A memorial gathering for Dr. Kenneth Selke will be Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Kriegshauser West Mortuary on Olive Boulevard in St. Louis.

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