School Funding Bill


On Sunday, the Illinois Senate overrode Governor Rauner’s amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1, which provides funding for schools.

The bill is now in the Illinois House for consideration.

Senate Bill 1 was originally passed by the Senate and House then was sent to the governor.

Unit 2 Superintendent, Dr. Wes Olson, said he is hoping the House will also override the amendatory veto.

“We’re still hopeful that Senate Bill 1 will become the law of the land. We’ve been spending some time looking at the governor’s AV and what that would look like for us,” Olson said. “At a cursory look, it certainly looks like it would be a better deal as it provides more revenue for us on the front end. There are some things in the long run with that plan that would be detrimental for our district. So our goal is to look at, not just next year, but 10 years down the road, and we think that Senate Bill 1 provides a better option for our kids here in Bond County Unit 2.”

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Superintendent Olson is urging local residents to contact this area’s state representative.

“Representative John Cavaletto is the person they would need to contact. Representative Cavaletto has a history of supporting education, coming from education himself, and being a former coach, principal, and teacher,” Olson told us. “It’s important that folks here express to him how he can best support our schools and I’ll certainly do that, and I’ve been doing that, but certainly hearing from other folks is the way to get things done in Springfield. We need folks to be aware of that; that their voice does matter and a call or a letter or an email, it does have an effect. More than ever I think that the House in particular and Springfield, at this time, those Representatives need to know that. They need to know that people are paying attention. They need to know that local schools and equitable and adequate funding for schools is important and it’s important to our community, and they need to know that.”

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The contact information for the representative is available online at

The House has 15 days to take action on Senate Bill 1.

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