School Funding Meeting

School funding legislation has yet to be approved by Illinois government officials, causing problems for area school districts.

A town hall meeting is scheduled for 6 o’clock Tuesday evening in Vandalia to provide information about the situation.

Bond County Unit 2 Superintendent Dr. Wes Olson said the meeting will be at the old Jefferson School in Vandalia. Various officials and lawmakers will be there. The meeting will be an opportunity for parents, teachers, and citizens to learn more about the school funding situation.

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Olson said Unit 2 will follow its original schedule to have a teacher in-service day on August 16 and the first student attendance day on August 17.

He said the funding crisis is real. Olson noted the district is unable to rely on cash reserves to sustain them during trying times. He said without consistent flow of state money, 40% of district revenues are not available.

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According to Superintendent Olson, the early distribution of tax money, through Bond County Treasurer Katie Weiss, has been a big help to the district’s cash flow situation.

SOURCEGraphic courtesy of the Bond County Unit 2 School District
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