School Funding Update


The return of state funds to Illinois school districts is now only the governor’s signature away.

Tuesday, after a 45-minute debate, the Illinois Senate approved a compromise funding reform bill.

It took two votes on Monday for the House to approve the proposal. Governor Bruce Rauner has indicated he will sign the legislation.

Bond County Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson was in Springfield Tuesday and is pleased there is a bill that will restore funding to schools. He said there is an immediate need for school districts that don’t have cash reserves. He said the bigger picture is that the passage of this bill changes the way schools are funded in Illinois.

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Schools did not receive the August state aid payment. Olson believes the bill will give districts more money than they received last year and he believes the August payments will also be provided.

The House approved the legislation 73 to 34 with Representative John Cavaletto voting yes.

The Illinois Senate approved the bill 38 to 13. Senator Andy Manar voted yes, while Senator Kyle McCarter voted no.

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