Students Experience Eclipse

The total eclipse occurred Monday and was an educational experience for everyone, especially students.

At schools throughout Bond County boys and girls used special glasses to watch the eclipse,

Many attached the glasses to paper plates, and fitted them to their noses, to make sure they could see through the glasses without them slipping away. That was important because damage can occur by watching the eclipse with the naked eyes.

Greenville Elementary School fifth graders Shelby Joiner and Declan Graber enjoyed the eclipse.

Click below to hear their comments:

Click below to hear fifth Grader William Mann tell us what he noticed when the eclipse arrived:

Sixth graders Carli Schaub and Canon Rainey said it was definitely a learning experience.

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High school students from Mulberry Grove High School went to SIU-Carbondale to see the eclipse and students from Greenville High School travelled to Oakdale in Washington County to view the event.

Greenville High School students viewing the eclipse in Oakdale

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