Alhambra School Bomb Threat


A bomb threat was called into Alhambra School on Tuesday morning.

Madison County Sheriff’s Department Captain Mike Dixon told WGEL the investigation has revealed there is no evidence no support it was a valid threat.

Captain Dixon said the school received a telephone call near the start of the school day and the caller indicated there was a potential bomb present.

Law enforcement officers have met with and talked to the person who called, according to Captain Dixon. No other information is being released about the subject.

Dixon confirmed no one is in custody at this time, but the incident remains under investigation.

Alhambra Primary School, which has pre-kindergarten through third grade students, is part of Highland District Number 5. Superintendent Mike Sutton advised parents of the situation on Tuesday with an e-mail. He said the threat occurred during student drop-off time Tuesday morning. All students were moved to the gymnasium while a backpack was taken away from the building and an investigation began by authorities.

As a further precaution, students were then moved off campus and a search of the school building was conducted.

Superintendent Sutton said that following these actions, the building was declared clear. Students returned to school at 10:15 a.m.

Captain Dixon reported a bomb squad was sent to the school to assist. Bomb-trained officers and a bomb-sniffing dog swept the building and found no bomb. Law enforcement personnel at the school were from the Secretary of State’s police, Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System and Madison Country Sheriff’s Department.

Captain Dixon said any possible charges against the suspect are pending further investigation.

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