FCI Warden On Contraband

During Wednesday morning’s meeting of the Greenville Federal Correction Institution Community Relations Board, the program consisted of information regarding contraband found in prisons.

Dennis Nordike and Maggie Hodges, from the Special Investigation Services unit, said members are always monitoring, in the visiting area or through the mail, attempts to bring weapons and drugs into Greenville FCI.

Weapons include metal and plastic shanks, and locks in a sock or attached to a belt, while the drugs consist of marijuana, black tar heroin, K-2 liquid and suboxin. Nordike said the prison uses sophisticated equipment to help find these items.

It was reported the FCI has a partnership with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department to have its K-9 unit make periodic visits to search for contraband.

It is hoped that when the Bond County K-9 unit begins later this year, it can also be used at the federal prison.

At the end of the Community Relations Board meeting, Clinton County K-9 Officer Josh Alberternst and his dog gave a demonstration.

He was assisted by Bond County’s K-9 Officer Doug Nicosin.

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