Greenville Police Chief Update

Greenville Chief of Police Lou Lorton retired on Thursday, and the process is underway to select his replacement.

City Manager Dave Willey will appoint the new police chief, but has created a panel to help him review applications. There are 29 applicants from throughout the state.

Willey said the Police Chief Advisory Panel has had a second meeting, where the group spent a few hours reviewing applications. Willey said he’s pleased with the applications received.

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Willey said there was not an immediate “press” to have a police chief in place. If the process runs longer than expected, there are options to bring in a temporary chief. He doesn’t expect there to be any delay.

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Willey said another meeting with the advisory panel will probably be held the first full week of September.

The panel includes Kathy Farnsworth, Carl Brannon, Eugene Dunkley, Keith Jensen, Ed McMillan and Roger Sanders.

The city manager expects to have a new chief before the end of the month.