City Plan Commission Recommendation

The Greenville Plan Commission met Monday evening and approved two requests from Eden’s Glory, a group that serves adult women who are survivors of human trafficking.

The plan commission is recommending to the city council that the building use ordinance include “office or store building with residence on top” as a conditional use in a neighborhood urban zoning district and Eden’s Glory be granted a conditional use permit.

The planning commission approved both motions on votes of 4 to 0.

Ginger Coakley, executive director of the organization, reported Eden’s Glory received a building and lot from the Greenville Free Methodist Church in January. It is located in the 900 block of East Beaumont Avenue.

According to Coakley, the home provides housing for staff members and interns. The group wants to use the basement space to operate an enterprise known as Re:stored. The goal is to work with clients to improve job skills, learn new skill sets and foster work ethic through the creation of products that are manufactured from repurposed materials.

All revenue will go back to Eden’s Glory.

Coakley said there would no retail space or customers on the property, so traffic and parking would be very low. Everything pertaining to the venture will be inside and there will be no external signs.

Four conditions were recommended by the plan commission to the council.

They are the conditional use permit would only be for Eden’s Glory and would not be transferrable, hours of operation would be from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., parking would be limited to one additional vehicle for the purpose of the business, and the number of people allowed in the basement would be no more than 10.

The city council meets Tuesday night.

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