Creative Economy

Creative economy is an economic system where value is based on novel, imaginative qualities rather than the traditional resources of land, labor and capital.

The City of Greenville is in the process of seeing if creative economy will work here.

The latest public meeting was last week with about 50 persons attending. Pam Schallhorn, from the University of Illinois extension, provided guidance and information.

Bill Walker, Greenville economic development coordinator, said creative economy basically amounts to people who create things being able to sell their wares. This can include artists as well as bakers and much more. The community discussion focused on how the creators and their products can become more visible in the community.

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Walker said the goal of the program is to be determined. The current focus is to identify gaps within the community. That will be followed by an action plan to fill those gaps.

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Another meeting will be held in the near future with a date to be announced.