Downtown City Lights

The Greenville City Council may have to make a decision, in the near future, whether or not to continue to having acorn street lights in the downtown area.

There are 32 acorn light fixtures on poles in the downtown area, not including those on the courthouse grounds. The city also has two spares.

City Manager Dave Willey told councilmen that as Ameren replaces lights in town, they are being replaced with LED light fixtures. This is an issue for the City of Greenville because the lights in the downtown area around the square, the light fixtures are acorn shaped.

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The cost to obtain LED acorn light fixtures would be almost $69,000 and installation would bring the total amount to just over $88,000.

Councilman John Gillard believes the acorn fixtures make the downtown area look good. He said the lights give character to the square and believes the LED lights will make the square look like “one big huge parking lot”.

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The new flat fixtures are being replaced by Ameren, at no charge to the city, when necessary. They have LED bulbs.

Ameren owns street lights. The city pays a monthly electric bill for the lights. Willey said once lights are changed to LED there is a reduction in costs because the bulbs last longer.

The lights will be discussed again by the council.

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