Firefighters At Schools


Local firefighters are visiting schools October 8 through 14 for Fire Prevention Week.

Members of the Greenville Fire Protection District were at the Greenville Elementary School, doing programs for students in KRP through the fifth grade.

One of the firefighters dressed in bunker gear with helmet and air pack to show the boys and girls how a fireman will look in a smoke-filled room.

Fire safety tips were also given to the students, according to Fireman Sean Washington. He said students are taught the importance of having two ways out of their house and checking fire detectors. They are also taught the fundamentals of “Stop, Drop & Roll”.

Click below to hear his comments:

This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is “Every Second Counts.”

Parents are urged to teach their children how to escape the home if they can’t help them. Make sure the street number of the house is clearly marked and easy for firefighters to see.

Firefighters emphasize that once you are out of a burning building, never go back inside.

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