GES Hurricane Collection

Devin Wheat with the contents of his piggy bank, donated to hurricane relief efforts.

Students at Greenville Elementary School recently completed a collection to help victims of hurricanes.

Students brought in donations totaling $2,204.

Teacher Amy Alderman said the students were enthusiastic about the project. She said since they saw the footage on TV and photos on the internet, it made it more personal. Many kids brought change from home, including one who donated the contents of his piggy bank.

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Devin Wheat was the student who emptied his piggy bank and donated the most, over $200. He said he felt it was important to donate to hurricane victims to help people in need.

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Mrs. Clark’s kindergarten class won a pizza party by donating the most money, $470. The second and third place classes got a cookie party.

Four of the students in Mrs. Clark’s class – Amelia Obermark, Tyler Coakley, Jeremy Weiss and Ella Marcoot – said they donated because people needed new homes, clothes, pets, and more.

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The class parties are being paid for from the yearbook fund, according to Alderman. She said the hurricane relief collection money will be given to the Salvation Army.

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