Madison Co. Scam Warning


The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public of a telephone scam that has recently been reported in the area.

A caller identifying themselves as a member of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is calling citizens and telling them they have failed to report for jury duty. The caller says a judge has issued a fine and bench warrant for their arrest. The caller tells the person they must pay a large fine immediately or else they will be arrested. The victim is instructed to obtain a cashier’s check in order to pay the bogus fine.

Officials say the scam is elaborate. The caller may provide a name of an actual deputy sheriff, or the name of an actual judge. A phone number is provided for call back, and if one were to call the number, it would appear on face value to be a valid phone number. It has a voice prompter which sounds official and gives further direction to the caller.

If you receive such a phone call, remember IT IS A SCAM. No police agency will call a citizen on the telephone demanding payment. If you receive a similar call, do not provide personal information over the telephone. Hang up, and call your local law enforcement agency.

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