Smithboro House Burn Training

The Smithboro Fire Protection District hosted a house burn training Saturday, October 28. Members of the Greenville Fire Protection District assisted with the leadership of the training. New firefighters with the Greenville district also attended. Other departments participating included the Mulberry Grove and Pocahontas Old Ripley Fire Protection Districts.

The purpose of the training is to give new firefighters the opportunity to enter into a burning building for the purpose of rescue and firefighting. Personnel do not enter alone; they enter with at least one, preferably two, firefighters, while another team waits outside for the first team to exit the fire.

Smithboro Fire Chief Dale Deverick said the training is very shocking for new firefighters because the majority of the time there is no visibility in a burning building. Deverick said the training teaches fire personnel to rely on their other senses and on their fellow firefighters while trying to rescue or extinguish a fire. The training also acts as a refresher for longtime firefighters.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of the Smithboro Fire Protection District
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