Unit 2 Enrollment

Enrollment figures are available from schools in the Bond County Unit 2 district and Unit 2 has slightly more students now than at the end of last school year.

The district has a total of 1,823 students including 122 in the kindergarten readiness program. That is 10 more than at the end of May.

There are 178 students at Pocahontas School, 143 at Sorento School, 564 at Greenville Elementary School, 295 at Greenville Junior High and 521 at the high school.

Throughout the district, Unit 2 has 130 kindergarten students, 119 first graders, 133 second graders, 112 third graders, 120 fourth graders, 128 fifth graders, 125 sixth graders, 154 seventh graders and 150 eighth graders. GES also has 9 early childhood boys and girls.

At the high school, the senior class is the smallest at 126. Other class totals are 132 freshmen, 131 sophomores, and 132 juniors.

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