Charged With Impersonating Officer

A Trenton man has been charged in Clinton County Circuit Court for alleged impersonation of a peace officer.

Christopher Reddin, age 22, pled not guilty on November 1 to the charge.

It is alleged the crime occurred on October 21 when a female driver was travelling on backroads from Breese to Trenton.

The victim alleged Reddin drove his vehicle near hers and eventually forced her to stop and h blocked her.

It’s alleged the defendant tried to make the woman believe he was an undercover police officer. When she refused to get out of her car, he let her drive away.

By the time Reddin was charged with impersonating an officer, he was already in jail for alleged aggravated battery in a public place, aggravated battery with the use of a deadly weapon, his vehicle, and felony criminal damage to property. These charges are not related to the impersonation case.

Reddin has pled not guilty to all four charges and has demanded trials by jury.

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