City Sewer Project


A lot of bluish-green pipe is stacked up at various locations in Greenville.

After more than three years, a project to connect about 150 city residences to the Greenville sewer system is ready to start.

City Manager Dave Willey is excited about the project. He said the first section to be completed will be Idler Lane, followed by Hillview, then the section from near the Free Methodist Church to the Industrial Park.

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Willey said a specific process will be followed to provide sewer service. Sewer pipe will be installed and there is a 30 day waiting period before it can be tested. Once the test is passed, individual connections will be made.

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The work will be paid for with a $4.8 million dollar loan has been received from Rural Development. Residents pay $50 to hook onto the system.

The city manager said this is an important project for the city. He said the project will eliminate several septic systems being used by residents of the city.

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The work must be done within 18 months. The general contractor is Haier Plumbing of Okawville.

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