Council Fence Variance

At its November meeting, the Greenville City Council accepted the recommendation of the Board of Adjustments and approved a request from Allen and Holli Holtsford for a variance from the city’s front yard fence height restriction.

The Holtsfords want a six-foot fence, at their home at the corner of Fourth and Alice streets, to keep their dog inside it. The dog has been deemed dangerous by the animal control officer, who believes the current four-foot high chain link fence is not adequate.

Allen Holtsford told the council there was an incident in which his dog killed another dog and people in the neighborhood have said they are worried about the animal.

City Manager Dave Willey believes the request does not comply with the city code and he recommended it be denied. He said the biggest issue is a sight-line problem within the neighborhood. He said fences in front of building lines would equate to structures in front yards, which isn’t a preferred look for the community. He said there are also issues pertaining to emergency response, such as gate access and width of the gate.

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The Board of Adjustments voted 3 to 1 to recommend the variance.

Councilman Jes Adam was a vocal supporter of the variance. He said since property owners should be able to do what they want on it, as long as they’re not endangering anyone else’s life or harming anyone else’s property. He said it’s also a safety issue, since the homeowner is trying to secure their dog. He also noted that the yard is an anomaly and he wanted to support the Board of Adjustments.

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After a lengthy discussion, the council voted unanimously to approve the variance.