County Board Passes Budget

In their meeting Tuesday night, the Bond County Board voted unanimously to pass a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018. The year starts December 1st for the county.

The county’s levy was approved at 4.42%, which is below the amount that would require a truth in taxation hearing.

Jodi Harris, owner of the 3st Place Bar & Grill approached the board, requesting her liquor license be amended to allow her to operate until 2 AM rather than 1 AM. Following discussion, board members said the county licenses may be inconsistent with other municipalities. They agreed to research the matter and bring it back up in their December 5th meeting.

The board accepted the resignation of former Greenville Police Chief Lou Lorton from the county 911 board and appointed current Chief Johnny Runyon to fill that vacancy.

The board also appointed Debbie Whicker to the Bond County Housing Authority Board.

Board Chairman Howard Elmore announced that in celebration of the state bicentennial anniversary, a ceremony would be held Monday, December 4th on the courthouse steps and a special flag would be raised to fly under the Illinois state flag on the courthouse grounds.

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