Greenville Street Lights

In October, Greenville City Manager Dave Willey advised the city council that acorn light fixtures on poles in the downtown area would have to be replaced in the near future.

He said those fixtures are not available anymore and there is a lack of parts for them. Ameren has been replacing fixtures with flat LED ones.

Willey reported to keep the acorn light covers would cost approximately $88,000, about $69,000 for LED acorn light fixtures and the rest for installation.

No action was taken by councilmen at the time.

At the November council meeting, the city manager was pleased to provide good news about the lights. He said Ameren had found some additional fixtures that match the city’s and has shipped them. Willey said the city should not run out of lights for a few years, which will give them some time to apply for Streetscape grant money, which may allow them to purchase new lights.

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Some councilmen said they favored the acorn light fixtures due to their attractiveness. So for now, the downtown acorn lights will continue in existence and use high-pressure sodium bulbs.

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