Greenville University Well Water Testing

A water quality research project at Greenville University has expanded into a program that will test well water for residents in Bond and surrounding counties.

The testing will be done at no charge.

Professor Darrel Iler said you can take advantage of the service by visiting the GU mailroom starting Monday, November 13, running through December 1. Well owners can pick up a three-bottle kit, which comes with instructions and a questionnaire. There are two drop-off dates that samples need to be returned by.

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The mail room is located next to the Delbert Sims Student Union on the Greenville University campus.

One of the students in the project, Hannah Frerker, said 26 local wells have been tested and the results have shown the need for all wells to be tested for safety purposes.

Results so far show that 40% of tested samples have come back with at least one metal over the EPA standard; in microbials, 68% showed coliform bacterial contamination and 28% showed e-coli contamination. 24% of the wells went over the EPA standard nitrates.

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It is recommended wells be tested annually.

For more information, contact Professor Iler at 664-6540 or by email at

Iler and the students will talk more extensively about the well water testing program on Sunday’s Public Affairs after the noon news on WGEL.

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