MG Unit 1 Board Approves Tentative Levy

The Mulberry Grove Board of Education met Monday, at 6:45 p.m., and approved a tentative tax levy for 2017-2018. Superintendent Brad Turner presented the tax levy information. Due to a projected substantial increase in the Equalized Assessed Valuation in the district, the board approved a higher tax levy. When actual available funds are known, the tax levy may be lowered, it cannot be raised.

In the treasurer’s report, Superintendent Turner said fund balances are strong. The district received its regular state aid payment and a categorical state aid payment for transportation and special education in October. The categorical payment is the final one from the 2016-2017 year. The district recently got about $300,000.00 in tax money from Bond County, probably the final tax payment for this year.

Turner highlighted the annual school report card from the state. It showed Mulberry Grove students ranked slightly below the state average. Copies of the school report card are available.

Following a closed session, the board hired Regina Johnson District Bookkeeper and Unit Office Secretary effective July 1, 2018. The board hired Kate Jolliff Elementary basketball coach. They accepted the resignation of Elementary Teacher Aide Bev Joiner effective December 22, 2017.