Off Highway Vehicles On City Streets

Add Greenville to the list of cities allowing recreational off-highway vehicles on streets.

The Greenville City Council has unanimously approved an ordinance to establish a program for the operation of golf carts and side-by-side vehicles on its streets. Normal four-wheeled ATVs are not allowed.

The vehicles cannot be driven on state routes. Crossing state roads in the city will only be allowed at Idler Lane and Route 140, Elm Street and Route 40, Elm Street and Harris Avenue and Winter and Third streets.

The council discussed the program at several meetings, responding to requests from persons living in and around Greenville.

Annual permits will have to be obtained from the city, at $50 per unit, and the city will conduct inspections to make sure the vehicles are equipped with the required safety equipment and comply with other requirements.

City Manager Dave Willey said the ordinance is effective with the new year. He said if you don’t live within the Greenville city limits, the only legal way to get that vehicle into town is to bring it across the city limits on a trailer.

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Drivers must be 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. Each vehicle must be insured.

Initial permits issued before April 1 of next year will be valid through March 31 of 2019, and the permits will expire each year on March 31.