Veteran Homecoming At GHS

Brianna Clark & Caitlin Wampner

At Friday’s Veterans Appreciation Program at Greenville High School, one student received a big surprise.

Toward the end of the program, Jennifer Dannaman, faculty member and a coordinator of the program, called student Brianna Clark to the gym floor.

Click below to hear the announcement:

Currently serving the Air Force in Charleston, South Carolina, Caitlin Wampner is the cousin of Brianna Clark, but family members say the two are like sisters. The two exchanged hugs and tears of joy during the reunion as veterans, students and teachers stood and applauded.

Following the veterans program, many of the high school students went to various rooms for a service project, making items for veterans such as blankets, and making toys for the humane society. Some students were shown by veterans how to properly fold the United States flag.

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