Water Plant Sludge Removal

A maintenance project is underway at the Greenville water plant to remove sludge from a lagoon and backwash pond.

The work is being done by Metro-Ag, Incorporated.

Bill Grider, Public Works director for Greenville, told us water is taken from Governor Bond Lake and mixed with lime and other coagulants, which makes a solid that is pumped into the water plant. During the water cleaning process, the sludge comes out to ponds near the plant where it settles.

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Tuesday, two machines were in operation in the lagoon. Grider said the material in it is mixed and eventually removed. When it reaches the proper consistency, it is put into tankers and taken to a farm field. The plant has 5,000 cubic yards of the material to get rid of.

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In October, the city council approved a contact with Metro-Ag, which submitted the low bid of $131,900.

Grider said the project should be completed sometime next week.