City Enters Into Electric Agreement

The Greenville City Council has entered into an agreement with Voltus Energy to be on-call to reduce electric use.

City Manager Dave Willey said the program would allow the city to receive payments for being in an on-call position to reduce electrical usage upon request. The offer is being extended to users who have significant electricity usage.

“Our water and sewer plant have enough power consumption that if we were to receive a call from Voltus and that call were to say, ‘we would like you to reduce your power consumption’, we could stop the pumps at our plant and reduce our power,” said Willey. “They will pay us $5,355 per year to be on call, I believe its four hours’ notice, on weekdays, not weekends…” Willey said there is no cost to the city and he sees no downside to being involved in the program.

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The program is in existence to protect against a loss of power for the public. Individual electric customers are not involved in it.

Willey told the council he would be surprised if the city was ever asked to reduce usage since Voltus is signing up much larger electric users.

If asked to reduce, the city could decline if it had an emergency situation. The city would be able to keep payments from past years, but would not be paid for the current year.

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