Council Talks Drug Education

For the past several months, the Greenville City Council has had on its agenda discussion of drug education.

It began when Councilman John Gillard expressed concern about the opioid problem.

Since then three city representatives have attended seminars, provided by the state and other agencies, for information about the drug problem and drug prevention plans. City officials want to have a meeting with public stakeholders to discuss the local drug situation.

City Manager Dave Willey said that meeting will probably be held in January.

Willey told the council about the need to be in the state police drug task force. He said the task force already has a line in the budget, but it hasn’t had any money on it. Going forward, Willey said they’ll need to consider putting money on that line.

He said it’s become clear that having a presence on that force brings better results.

Click below to hear his comments:

The city manager said part of the research about the local opioid situation has included discussing statistics with the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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