Greenville Land Environmental Study

Property on Third Street, owned by Dust and Son.

Less than three years ago, the City of Greenville was involved in negotiations for Dollar General to build on property at the intersection of Third and Summer Streets.

The transaction was not completed as Dollar General renewed its lease at its current location.

Dust and Son still owns the vacant lots. A phase 1 environmental study was conducted and showed ground contamination.

At its November meeting, the Greenville City Council was told that Dust and Son has asked the city to pay for half of the costs of a phase 2 study.

The proposal met with opposition from some councilmen and was approved on a 3-2 vote. Against the motion were John Gillard and Jes Adam. Voting for it were Mayor Alan Gaffner, Mike Heath and Kyle Littlefield.

City Manager Dave Willey explained the situation. “Dollar General, as you know, signed a five-year lease at their existing facility,” he said. “We’re already two and a half years into that lease, so it’s time to crank this whole discussion up again and this time crank it up early enough that we can get to a conclusion before the lease runs out.”

Willey said half of the Phase 2 study comes to $11,475. He also noted that no business would be able to build on that site without the study.

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Gillard stated his opposition, saying the city offered nearly a quarter of a million dollars to the project the last time and he feels the city is being asked to bail out Dust and Son. Adam said he agreed.

Councilman Heath said he agreed with Gillard in many ways and said if Dust and Son committed to do what needed to be done for the sale and if Dollar General committed to build a new store on the site, he would agree to the Phase 2 study expense and no more.

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City Manager Willey said the only reason the city is part of this is because of the incentives it can provide.

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