Internet Purchase Exchange Location

The Greenville Police Department has partnered with “OfferUp” to provide a “MeetUp” spot…an internet purchase exchange location in downtown Greenville.

MeetUp Spots are safe, well lighted, video monitored, public places for people to conduct transactions with others for items purchased through social media sites. MeetUp Spots alleviate the problem of exchanging items at a private residence or in an unknown area. Having a designated public internet purchase exchange location allows for a safer transaction and deters the potential for criminal activity. This MeetUp Spot can be used for any public transaction including items purchased from the Bond County Yard Sale site.

The Greenville MeetUp Spot is located on the Southwest corner of the Greenville Police Department, 404 South Third Street. It is labeled with a green sign and even has an electrical outlet to test small electrical items.

“Our ability to partner with the Greenville Police Department allows us to bring a collective and focused effort and investment to the well-being of this community by improving the security of in-person transactions,” says Natalie Angelillo, VP of Community at OfferUp. “Our MeetUp Spots Program helps serve the much needed purpose of providing an easy and free way to establish a community location that is public, surveilled, well lit, and monitored by the Greenville Police Department. OfferUp is proud to have a partner in Greenville, IL to support our commitment to building trust in communities throughout the country.”

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of the Greenville Police Department
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