KPD Board Approves Levy

The Kingsbury Park District met Monday night and approved the levy for taxes to be collected in 2018.

The levy is $344,500 which is 2.5 percent higher than this year’s levy. Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein said the levy takes into account a possible increase in assessed valuation, which was $96 million for this year.

The levy was approved 3 to 0 with Scott Crothers, Louanne Theiss (tice) and Barb Smith present.

The board discussed the possibility of once again issuing non-referendum general obligation bonds. A bond issue from three years ago was just paid off.

Sauerwein said the goal would be for tax payers to pay no more than they are now in levy and bond amounts.

He added the bond money will be needed to pay additional costs for the swimming pool improvement project and to provide cash flow to the district.

The board paid back $9,000 from the bond fund to the general fund for loans that were made to the bond fund, and approved a transfer of $20,000 from the general fund to the recreation fund.

Meeting dates for the next year were set, with the board continuing to meet the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m. in the KPD office. The only exceptions are October and November when holidays occur and the meeting will be the following Tuesday.