Local Boys Help With Civil Air Patrol Training

WGEL listener Deborah Schlemer read our story about the Civil Air Patrol earlier this week and shared some photos of an interaction she and her grandsons had with the organization. You can read her story below and you can click HERE to read our original story…

I saw the story about the 76th Anniversary of the Civil Air Patrol on your website.

My grandchildren and I actually ran into one of their training exercises while we were out walking on one of the KPD trails Saturday.

The first picture [above] shows my grandsons, from left to right, Makhai Schlemer, (Parents Nicholas Schlemer & Tiffany Eakle of Mulberry Grove) Carter Jackson (Parents Kevin & Lizz Jackson of Worden) and Kruz Schlemer (Parents Nicholas Schlemer & Tiffany Eakle) with a member of the “Ground Rescue Team”.

The boys came across a dummy sitting against a tree in the woods, who had a “Broken leg” and was awaiting rescue.

Instructions attached to the dummy, directed the person finding him to call a Major in the Air Force, which they did. They were given some instructions about how to proceed with their find. He was left in place, along with an emergency locator alongside him and the boys proceeded to try and attract the attention of “rescue planes” flying overhead.

They waited for the rescue team to arrive, which they eventually did and were congratulated on their find and their help. It was then radioed in to their base to turn off the locator, the “Rescue Victim” had been located.

The boys were very excited about being able to help out the rescue team.

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