Unit Two Personnel Action

The Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education took action Monday night on several personnel items.

Hirings included:

Molly Boudouris as a half-time pre-school teacher for the afternoon session at Mulberry Grove.

Tracy Woker as a special education aide for 7 hours per day.

Taryn Flake as a half-time pre-school aide at Greenville Elementary School.

Michael Hutchins as a night shift custodian at the Greenville Jr. High.

Terri Thomas and Denise DeMoulin as a long-term speech and language pathologist substitutes to cover maternity leaves. Thomas will be at GES and DeMoulin will be at Sorento School.

Kelsey Groves as assistant high school girls’ soccer coach. Marissa Swift and Christian Gomez will be volunteer coaches in the girls’ soccer program.

The school district is contracting with EDU Healthcare for speech services at Pocahontas School two days a week to cover a maternity leave.

The workload of Becky Suess as a family facilitator in the Pre-School For All Expansion Grant Program was increased from 100 to 130 days, and Elizabeth Provost’s hours as Kindergarten Readiness Program secretary were increased by 35.

The retirement of Sue Isringhausen, as food services secretary, was approved effective December 31, 2019.

Kathy Franklin resigned as a food services employee at GES, effective November 29, and Chea Reeves’ resignation as a special education aide at the high school will take effect December 22.

Leaves of absence were approved for Diana Moore, food service employee at GES, and Jessica Dos Santos, kindergarten aide at GES.