Unit Two Tax Levy


The Bond County Unit 2 board of education adopted a tax levy at Monday night’s meeting for property taxes to be paid in 2018.

Prior to the official meeting, a truth in taxation hearing was held.

No comments were made from the public regarding the proposed levy, which was unanimously approved by the board during the regular meeting.

The levy was set at $8,815,404.82, which is a 8.94 percent increase over the amount of tax money received this past year.

Superintendent Wes Olson said it is important for the district to capture whatever the number is going to be. “We don’t know the EAV,” he said. “We get that in the spring, early summer. So we’re making that decision about the levy with unknowns. One, what the actual EAV is going to be. And two, what our expenditures are going to be for the following year.”

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For all taxing districts, if the assessed valuation and other figures result in a higher amount, the district only receives what it requested in the levy.