Updated Police Eligibility List

The Greenville Board of Police Commissioners recently approved a new police eligibility list which will be in effect the next 2 years.

The list was established based on points received in written and oral tests and completion of the physical agility requirement. Candidates with veteran or education preference points were able to request them. That added five points to the total scores of five of them.

The final list, in the order of ranking, includes Shane Zobrist of Highland, Devon Leitschuh of Greenville, Casey Brown of Greenville, Lane Messerli of Greenville, Nolan Morgan of Maryville, Jose Rosado of Mulberry Grove, Jonathan Carter of Greenville, Renee Paul of Mulberry Grove, Nicholas Tripp of Greenville, Brett Mueller of Greenville, Brandon Troxel of Highland, Dustin Hoffmeier of Greenville, James Witcher of Alton and Bobby Stief of Greenville.

It was announced at the orientation meeting, early in the process to create the list, that the city would possibly hire a certified person over a non-certified.

Two persons are police certified. They are Casey Brown and Nicholas Tripp.

When the orientation session was held, 31 individuals expressed interest in it. Fourteen went through the entire process and are now on the list.

Police Board Chairman Allan Davis said there are currently no police openings on the city’s force.

The police commissioner’s board, which also includes Jill Franks and Julie Juarez, decided in the near future to begin development of a police sergeant promotion list.

The police department has no sergeant openings at this time. The sergeants are Deb Keserauskis and Scott Workman.

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