Fire Chief On Alternative Heat Sources

In this kind of cold weather, most people’s objective is keeping warm.

This is definitely the case at home.

Greenville Fire District Chief Dennis Wise told WGEL, residents should be cautious when using alternative sources of heat.

He said kerosene heaters should not be used in a house as they can lead to carbon monoxide dangers. Electric space heaters can be used, as long as they are placed a safe distance from curtains and other flammable materials.

Wise said you should not use a space heater with an extension cord and old wiring in an older home can cause issues when using space heaters.

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Space heaters should never be used as a primary source of heat in the home.

Fire Chief Wise said those using fireplaces to heat their homes should also think safety.

With furnaces running frequently and other heat sources being used during cold weather, the need for working smoke detectors is essential, according to Chief Wise.

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Wise said if residents believe something unusual is happing to their furnace, they should contact a heating professional to have it checked out.

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