Increased Drug Charges In Bond County

The number of drug charges filed in Bond County last year was alarming.

Bond County State’s Attorney Chris Bauer said criminal filings surpassed previous records in the county. He said the average number of felony cases filed over the past several years has been 110 to 120. Last year the number totaled 183 felonies, 89 of which were drug offenses.

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The state’s attorney said that contributing to the increasing felony cases is the fact that drug crimes lead to other offenses.

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Bauer was asked what this large number of cases tells us about drugs in Bond County. He said there is widespread use of crystal meth in our area and heroin is still being abused heavily. There were two heroin overdoses recently.

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In 2017, nearly 50 percent of all felony cases in Bond County were for drugs.

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