Leak At Greenville Junior High


A water problem with one of the heating units at Greenville Junior High was identified over the weekend.

Mike Wilhite, Unit 2 facilities director, said a teacher at the school Sunday afternoon, discovered water on the floor.

It was learned that an air handler line froze and the pipe broke, causing the water in the overhead system to leak.

Wilhite emphasized there is heat in the junior high building today as the coil that broke is mainly used for dehumidifying during warmer weather. He said a damper did not close properly, leading to the water in the coil freezing and the coil breaking.

Despite it being a holiday weekend, staff members were brought in Sunday and Monday to clean up the art room and another classroom that were affected. Wilhite said several ceiling tiles were damaged by water and were replaced Monday.

He is working on obtaining parts for the damaged unit and the repair will be done by Unit 2 staff.

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