Police Offer Safe Exchange Area

The Greenville Police Department is partnering with the Internet site OfferUp to provide a safe area for items to be exchanged.

Known as meet up spots, they are designed to give persons a safe, public location to exchange items.

Greenville Sgt. Deb Keserauskis said the police department thought this would be a good and safe way to exchange goods they purchase from other individuals on the internet. There is a security camera onsite and an electrical outlet to allow individuals to test electronic equipment.

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The police sergeant said an individual can also request more assistance. You can stop into the police department prior to your exchange and ask that they be with you for the transaction or keep a close eye on the security camera feed inside the police station.

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Sergeant Keserauskis said OfferUp provided the sign which has been placed on an outside wall on the south side of the Municipal Building. The city already had a camera and security light at that location and added an electric outlet to test items.

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