Unit 2 Seeks Waiver

The Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education will ask the state legislature to grant a waiver from the school code.

It pertains to the code section that forces districts to charge tuition to students attending school here who do not live in the district.

Superintendent Wes Olson said the waiver would be used as a staff recruiting tool.

He told WGEL the school code says students who don’t live in the district, they have to pay tuition. The waiver would allow children of certified district staff to come to Unit 2 schools with no tuition fee.

Olson said that situation does not currently exist in the district, but the board sees the waiver as an opportunity to appeal to more potential teachers and staff.

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The school board held a public hearing earlier this month and one citizen attended and voiced opposition to the proposal.

The board met in special session last Friday and passed a motion to seek the waiver from the state.

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