2017 Animal Control Report

Bond County Animal Control Officer Jim Hess has released his office’s annual report for 2017.

Hess received a total of 748 animal complaints last year. 280 were from rural county areas, 444 from Greenville, 9 from Mulberry Grove, 4 each from Sorento and Pocahontas, 3 from Keyesport, and 2 each from Pierron and Smithboro.

188 dogs were impounded in 2017. 85 were from the county, 83 from Greenville, 10 from Mulberry Grove, 4 from Pocahontas, 3 from Sorento, 2 from Smithboro, and 1 from Pierron.

105 dogs were released to owners. 27 went to the Bond County Humane Society. 27 dogs were also released to other no-kill shelters. 9 were euthanized.

Hess captured 144 cats last year. 41 were from the county, 101 from Greenville, and 2 from Mulberry Grove.

12 cats were released to owners. 35 cats went to the Bond County Humane Society. 15 were released to other no kill shelters. 28 cats were euthanized.

59 animals were adopted out of the shelter in 2017. 4 died of disease in the shelter and 4 escaped.

Officer Hess responded to 48 calls regarding wild animals last year, including raccoons, owls, ground hogs, opossums, squirrels, bats, snakes, skunks, and a pot-bellied pig.

40 animal bites were reported in 2017.

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