2017 County Records


Figures have been obtained regarding the number of births, deaths, marriages and divorces filed in Bond County during 2017.

Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert handles the issuance of marriage licenses. There were 108 licenses issued last year, 22 more than in 2016.

Divorces cases filed in 2017 totaled 90, according to Bond County Circuit Clerk Rex Catron. Two years ago, there were 92 divorce cases.

The City of Greenville serves as the official registrar for county births and deaths.

In 2017, there were 171 births at HSHS Holy Family Hospital and 101 deaths in Bond County.

Sybert reported there is just over 11,000 registered voters in the county after the voter registration rolls were purged last year, cancelling 2,195 names. According to Sybert, the county must periodically purge its voter rolls.

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