Circuit Clerk Caseload 2017

Bond County Circuit Clerk Rex Catron has released statistics regarding his office’s caseload for 2017.

A total of 11,063 cases were filed in bond County Circuit Court, an increase of 1,110.

Police officers working in the county wrote 7,892 traffic tickets, an increase of 924 from the previous year.

There were 182 felony and 121 misdemeanor criminal charges, plus 33 arrests for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Ordinance violation citations totaled 87 with 69 of them filed by the City of Greenville against one individual.

The circuit clerk’s office filed 14 adoption, 73 lawsuit, 36 chancery, 43 family, 47 probate, 133 small claims and 16 tax cases. The court issued 107 orders of protection.

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