DeMoulin Museum Opening

The DeMoulin Museum opened at its new location over the weekend, the former Central Christian Church building at 205 South Prairie Street.

A Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting was followed by a dedication program Saturday morning.

Museum Curator John Goldsmith welcomed the nearly 60 people in attendance, noting the journey to where the museum is now began in 1953, when his mother, Norma, was hired as a seamstress by DeMoulin Brothers. The museum first opened at 110 West Main Street, where over 7,400 people visited.

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Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner honored Goldsmith for his dedication to the museum. He said the City of Greenville owed him a debt of gratitude. He said the labor of love has become as asset to the community.

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Chamber of Commerce President Randy Alderman said the museum is a special place in the city. He said the museum is proof the community can grow and prosper.

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Greenville Economic Development Coordinator Bill Walker said the DeMoulin Museum is one of several attractions that make Greenville unique. He said this is the type of place, operated by the type of people that turn a regular small town into a city of distinction.

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Over the weekend, the museum had 246 visitors. The museum is open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and offers expanded hours in June, July, and August.

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