Early Voting To Start

Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert reports that early voting for the primary election will begin this week.

The primary is March 20.

Starting Thursday, February 8, anyone in the county who is registered to vote can vote early at the county clerk’s office. Early voting is allowed during regular business hours at the county clerk’s office, Monday through Friday, through March 19.

Voters do not have to provide a reason for wanting to vote early.

There’s one problem on the state level regarding candidates. Sybert said it does not affect the Republican ballot. On the Democrat ballot, the candidacy of Scott Drury for attorney general has been challenged and is now in the court system in Cook County.

Sybert believes the case will be settled in the next two weeks.

The Bond County clerk said those wanting to vote Democrat early have two choices. They can vote the ballot as it is now with Drury included and Sybert will set aside those ballots and treat them as votes by mail. So if Drury is removed from the ballot, those who have voted early on the Democrat ticket can return to the county clerk’s office and vote again.

The other choice is waiting until the court case is settled, then vote early.

The county clerk’s office is in the Bond County Office Building located north of the courthouse in downtown Greenville.

Sybert reported that her office is currently accepting requests from registered voters to vote by mail. Persons must contact the county clerk’s office to request an application for a ballot.

This can be done by mail at 203 West College Avenue in Greenville, by calling the office at 618-664-0449, or with an e-mail to county clerk@bondcountyil.com.

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