Meyer’s Daughter Met McGinnis In Prison

On the initiative of the daughter of the late Greenville Attorney Thomas Meyer, Meyer’s daughter, Libby Glasgow arranged a visit with the man who killed her father, Kelly McGinnis.

The visit was in November of last year. McGinnis died in prison on January 29.

With Glasgow on the visit was John King, friend of the Meyer family who was Greenville Chief of Police when Attorney Meyer was murdered on August 12, 1996.

King said Libby wrote to McGinnis to arrange the visit in early October last year. She told King at the time that she had developed a strong urge to tell McGinnis personally that she forgave him. They visited the prison in November.

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Libby drove from Georgia to Southern Illinois. She and King met in Mt. Vernon and drove together to the Lawrence Correctional Center at Sumner.

McGinnis was upset with the child custody part of his divorce and that led to him shooting Meyer, who was his ex-wife’s attorney.

King said McGinnis started the conversation by apologizing to both Libby and King for the pain he caused them. He did not, however, apologize for killing Meyer. King said outside of a few comments about the justice system, he was surprised how comfortable the meeting was.

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It was Libby’s decision to meet McGinnis without glass between them.

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