MGHS & GHS In Academic Challenge

Mulberry Grove students: 1st row - Karen Kennedy, Chelsey Iberg, Bethany, Miller, Taylor Scnofield, Olivia Willis, Haley Snow. 2nd row - Ashley Jenner, Megan Miller, Kennedy Quick, Trevis Bohannon, Reagan Stiff, Chandler Hans, Destiny Bernard, Joey Linnabary, Alyssa Dothager, Jeron Thole, Jenna Koone, Logan Childress, Abby Miller, Hannah Albert, Ross Tompkins, Jason Kennedy, Braden Links, Anna Hall.

The Annual Academic Challenge was held at Kaskaskia College on February 6. Fifteen district high schools were in competition in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, English, Math, and Physics.

Mulberry Grove High School competed in the small school competition.

Students from Mulberry Grove who won awards include Alyssa Dothager and Chelsey Iberg, who tied for 3rd place in Computer Science and Jeron Thole, who tied for 3rd place in Engineering Graphics.

The Greenville Team finished in third place in the medium school division.

Bond County Unit 2 students. 1st row – Mathen Kurtz-Shaw, Sarah Klenke, Kalie Meadows, Emily Unterbrink, Jadyn Zykan. 2nd row – Marsha Disch (Sponsor), Brock Nelson, Hunter LaCroix, David Munshaw, Chris Watterson, George Timmermann, Ethan Mathews, Joel Nord, John Campbell, Josh Brannon.

Individual students from Greenville who won awards were:

Hunter LaCroix, who placed 1st in Chemistry, David Munshaw, who tied for 3rd place in Chemistry, and David Munshaw, who tied for 3rd place in Math.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Kaskaskia College
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