Mulberry Grove Village Board Raises Employees’ Salaries

During the Mulberry Grove Village Board meeting Monday, the board reviewed employees’ salaries. Following discussion, the board approved salary increases of 5.3 percent for Gary Redfern, increasing his hourly wage from $17.10 to $18.00 and 5.5 percent for Karen Tally, increasing her hourly wage from $14.70 to $15.50. The wage increases become effective immediately.

The board agreed to sponsor Bobby Stief for police officer training at the part-time police academy, with a sponsorship of $2,000.00. Stief will work part-time for the village upon completion of his training. The $2,000.00 sponsorship will be repaid to the village.

The contract between the village board and the sanitation district expired January 1, 2018. The board approved a motion to continue the 2017 contract until both entities negotiate a new contract.

The board adopted a sexual harassment ordinance and a new water ordinance.

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