Remembering Historian & Longtime Treasurer Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson, who served 34 years as the treasurer of Bond County, passed away last week at the age of 75.

Johnson was first elected treasurer in 1970, 10 years after he graduated from Greenville High School. He retired in 2004.

Randy Reitz, recently retired county clerk of Bond County, said Johnson used his experience and knowledge to help him get acclimated with his county government position.

Reitz remembered Johnson as someone who loved people. He also said he always thought of Bill as young. Reitz said Johnson always pursued his interests like a young person would.

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Kevin Kaegy, president of the Bond County Historical Society, reflected on the many interests of Johnson, noting that he was involved in the Historical Society and played an instrumental role in the organization purchasing their Hoiles-Davis Museum. Kaegy also said Johnson was tirelessly involved in the Hills Fort Society and brought many groups together to make special events happen there. He specifically mentioned childrens’ activities Johnson started, which Kaegy said was no doubt inspired by Johnson’s decades of work with the local Boy Scouts.

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Reitz said Johnson was a dedicated county official, spending extra hours anytime it was necessary. He said he will miss his friend.

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Bill Johnson also enjoyed playing guitar and singing with his musician friends.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Joe Richardson, Southwestern Electric
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