Young Self-Publishes Novel

Richard T. Young of Greenville has written a novel that is now available.

Young said “The Healer of Meyshus” is a quest novel, where a gang of people go on a quest to save their main healer who has been kidnapped. A Christian-like religion is woven into the plot.

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Young said the book was mostly finished several years ago, but when he retired, he thought it was time to do something with it.

He decided to self publish it and said the version available now has been improved. He published the book through Create Space a few months ago. A writer friend read the book and liked it, but caught several typos in the book. Young said the updated version has corrected all of the typos.

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The book can be purchased on Amazon by typing in Richard T. Young or the name of the book, “The Healer Of Meyshus”.

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